Is it safe to use?
Yes it's safe to use! The seat is attached to the car with straps, and inside the seat (under the soft padding) is a leash that attaches to the pet. We recommend attaching it to the harness. 
How does the seat work?
Our seat provides a safe space for your pet to relax in, with the raised rim, ultra-soft padding, and security leash it allows them to mimic being hugged by their mother.

To install the seat, simply lift the lid on your center console, secure the strap, and close the console/armrest lid. It fits most cars. 
What makes this one better than rest of the seats?
We use only the highest quality materials and take pride in the production of our seats. Extra filling, washable covers and high-quality zippers are all features you will find on our seat.

And unlike other pet car seats, we’ve designed ours so that it fits between the two front seats - right onto the center console/armrest.
Is your pet seat available in stores?
We're currently only selling via our online store, but we're working on getting the seat out there to some of the major retail chains.
How much does shipping cost and how long does it take?
Shipping is free! All orders come with tracking code and generally take between 5-15 business days depending on your location.
My package went missing. What should I do?
Email us at support@mysnugglelife.com and we will look into it for you. Make sure your include your order number (looks something like #5325) so we can figure it out quicker.
What is the size of the seat?
Dimensions of our seat are 16.5" x 7.5" x 7.9"
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