The Pet Carpool Seat - Goodbye Pup Car Anxiety!

We’ve designed our pet carpool seat to fit between the two front seats - right onto the center console/armrest. This ensures your four-legged friend is always close to you!

☑️ Clever design - keep your pet close

☑️ No more jumping around

☑️ Super-soft padding - like a cloud!

☑️ Top-rated car seat on Facebook

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"Perfect!! My mini dachshund absolutely loves her new seat!! She can now see where we are going!! She loves to travel with me - even 15 hours on our last trip!!"

- Cindy M.

  • — 5 Star Facebook Review

    This is the perfect car seat for our fur baby, Oliver. It’s exactly as advertised and fits perfectly on our console. I love the built in clip that attaches to his collar. Oliver was a little nervous at first but has come to love his seat and snuggles in easily now.

  • — 5 Star Facebook Review

    Sofi loves her new console car seat. She is a 4lb chihuahua, and fits perfectly. She was able to stand, sit and lay down, and loved to take in the view. She was able to be close, yet safely away to distract my driving. So glad to have it.

  • — 5 Star Facebook Review

    We love our MySnuggleLife car armrest seat. It is well made and structurally sound. Our little mini Doxie gets car sick and he loves riding in his new seat. He is able to see when he wants to and sleep comfortably as well.

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